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The Grummies story started long ago, when our co-founder Nick was a little boy who sadly had to eat like an adult.

Raised by an herbalist-pharmacist mother in Queens, NY, Nick spent a large part of his childhood being fed various unpleasant concoctions.

Everything from mucky ashwagandha tea to bitter elderberry syrup; if it tastes bad and is now sold at Erewhon, Nick’s mom probably made him try it.

Nick became very good at pouring things down the sink when his mom wasn't looking.

Despite his mom’s good intentions, Nick envied other kids’ access to junk food.

But as Nick got older, he witnessed his father fight cancer twice. That changed something in him.

Then, fate stepped in.

On a plane headed to a wellness conference, Nick was randomly seated next to fellow gross-smoothie-drinker, Colin.

Colin was a nutrition junkie who had started a successful supplements company, and knew all too well just how bitter ashwagandha was.

They got to talking about the idea of turning their favorite gross smoothie ingredients into something people would actually want to eat.

Thus began Nick and Colin’s two year journey of learning how to disguise superfoods as candy, without losing any of the health benefits.

And thus, Grummies were born.

Delicious superfood gummies with a little something extra: the letter R, for Real ingredients.

We hope you love them